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A very interesting survey conducted by Pantene Pro-V (conducted in January 2010) showed that 57% of women all over the nation valued getting great hair over upping their IQ by 10 points. And 91% of women said they had a problem with their hair, but did not know how to quite combat the issues. Great hair over IQ? An astonishing find indeed. Almost Guinness Book worthy. The survey also found women were late to work or school because they were struggling with their hair. Now, do we need a Haircare Bill passed to settle this phenomenon? Pantene may well have created a cult classic years ago when they introduced their famous Shampoo and Conditioner combo and their Pro-V line. Don't you feel as though it were just a stone's throw from yesterday? But creating ripples and revolutionary haircare still seems to be very much alive and throbbing in the brand's R&D labs. Their new Customized Solution line has hit the shelves of every mass market store with their pretty and vividly packaged bottles. Surely, you've noticed them? The new line addresses: